i love you, present tense.

Hello, I'm Sarah and
I like to party.

eighteen. florida. senior.
graduating on june 2.
isfj. naturalist. techie.
singer. actor. dancer.
spotlight operator. old fart.

show i will tech next: my one & only

I am completely in love with:
doctor who. sherlock. snl.
the hunger games. harry potter.
supernatural. fun. late nights.
divergent. toby turner. garou.
parks and rec. the fault in our stars.
himym. ramin karimloo. starkid.
musicals. stage makeup. babies.
avi kaplan. the incredible hulk.
shaytards. sam rockwell. antm.
firefly. jimmy fallon. the office.
tom hiddleston. pentatonix.
back to the future. community.
(not particularly in that order)

--> the boo thang <--
--> bae <--
--> my black twin <--

it's fucking red... "blood orange".

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So this was outside of my show tonight.. So good to be back in Florida. (at Woodland Community Church)

My church is awesome!

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